Notes from the road 4/28/19

So Spring is here and I managed to meander my way north again over a period of several days. My beautiful daughter Solange, says she could picture me dragging a trailer behind the Wizard Van travelling everywhere to spread wizardry around this great land of ours. So, I’ve embraced this image and I guess the next few weeks will be an opportunity to prove to myself if I can actually meet the demands of the road entertainers life style (with all it’s challenges). I was always really good at being on the road because of 2 personal characteristics; I’m highly organized and extremely driven. In the past my friends have characterized me as a “survivor”. I guess that’s because I love to deal with problems. The more mistakes I make the more I learn (look how smart I am becoming). If you are interested in this journey of mine and would like to reach out to me along the way (perhaps to cheer me on), call text or write on my blog/fB. Love you all, wish me success. Professor Anthony Abbate @@@ “The Science Wizard!”